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The season opens every year with our Colour Gala. We normally have more than 70 events from u.7 to u.14, with more than half of the school participates, earning points for their respective colour houses.

Ons neem jaarliks aan verskeie swemgalas deel maar a.g.v. die heersende droogte het talle skole hul swem vir die jaar gekanselleer.

We annually deliver swimmers that form part of the Boland team, as well as swimmers that represent South Africa on a national and international level.


Tydens die kwartaal word daar vir alle A-groep swemmers, o.7 tot o.13, twee oefeninge per week op die oefenrooster uitgesit.  Die B-groep swemmers het ook twee oefeninge per week.  Alle oefening vind in die swembad by die skool plaas.


Leerders sal vier dae voor ‘n gala per brief ingelig word of hulle aan ‘n gala moet deelneem. Hierdie briefie maak ook voorsiening vir die opsie om van skoolvervoer gebruik te maak. ‘n Skoolbussie sal dus, indien nodig, met elke gala, die swemmers na en van die gala vervoer.



It is expected of each swimmer to wear a swimming cap during a practice at school.

Learners are allowed to wear any swimming costume during a practice at school, this excludes board shorts. If a learner decides to use his own equipment and not the school’s, then he must have the following at every practice.

  • Kicker board
  • Flippers
  • Pool Buoy

If a swimmer cannot attend a practice he must inform the coach. No swimmer is allowed to send a message via another swimmer to excuse himself from a practice.

It is expected of a swimmer to attend at least one practice at school if he also swims for a club. If a swimmer swims for a club the coach must be informed and the necessary arrangements must be made in terms of which days he will be attending practice at school. 


When a swimmer participates in a gala he must be neatly dressed in his BPS blue PT shorts and white BPS shirt. Swimmers are allowed to wear trainers or attend the gala bare feet. Each swimmer must, when participating in a gala, wear his “Klein Boishaai” swimming costume and he must wear a “Klein Boishaai” swimming cap.


Indien die swemmer nie sy eie toerusting het nie, sal die skool die swemmer, tydens ‘n oefening, van toerusting voorsien. Dit sluit “flippers”, “pool buoy” en ‘n skopbordjie in. Hierdie toerusting bly by die skool. 


Swimmers are chosen according to times. These times are determined at the beginning of the year at the colour gala. The four best times for each swimming style will be chosen for the A-group swimming team. 

Learners who want to improve their swimming must please attend the B-group swimming practice. There will be a possibility for a B-group swimmer to be moved up to the A-group swimming group if the swimmers meet the A-group criteria. 

No A-group swimmer is allowed to practice with the B-group swimmers and no B-Group swimmer is allowed to practice with the A-group. A B-group swimmer is only allowed to practice with an A-group if the coach askes the swimmer to attend the practice.


The swimming team of Paarl Boys’ Primary had a phenomenal season. Of the 3 galas we took part in this season, we took home a total of 62 medals and 1 trophy. The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose. This season has been a challenge with regards to water restrictions.  However, the boys persevered and kept on swimming. 

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