Cricket is the summer sport with the highest amount of participants with three to four teams per age group taking part.  Mini-cricket is part of our skills programme, with practices starting directly afterwards.  This gives the boys a large amount of exposure to the skills needed to participate competitively, followed by a team-oriented practice.  Our u.11A and u.13A teams have both won inter schools for a second year in a row!





  • Navy blue Boishaai shorts
  • White BPS golf shirt
  • Long socks (NO SECRET SOCKS)
  • Tackies (No bare feet)


  • White PT shorts
  • White BPS golf shirt
  • Boishaai hockey socks
  • Tackies



  • Blue Boishaai shorts
  • White Golf Shirt
  • Long socks (NO SECRET SOCKS)
  • Tackies (No bare feet)



  • White PT shorts
  • Boishaai PT shirt
  • Boishaai hockey socks
  • Tackies/Spikes/Cricket Shoes


u.13 A team (matches):

  • Cricket whites
  • 13A White cricket shirt
  • Tackies/Spikes/Cricket Shoes


The u.13 A team is the only team who plays with a different, sponsored shirt and pants.



Mini – Krieket

Die skool voorsien alle toerusting vir die o.7-o.9-seuns wat mini-krieket speel. As die o.9-seuns met die harde bal oefening begin, sal die skool ook alle toerusting voorsien.


Senior Krieket

Seuns wat vir die o.11 A of B en o.13 A en B – spanne speel, word van verwag om die volgende toerusting te hê:

  • Kolf
  • Beenbeskermers
  • Balbakkie
  • handskoene
  • Helmet (Verpligtend!)


Die seuns wat vir die o.11 Cobras en Titans, en die o.13 Lions en Warriors gekies word, word van toerusting deur die skool voorsien.



Teams are selected on merit. All boys take part in the cricket trials at the beginning of each year, at which point all the relevant coaches are present. The trials are based on the 3 aspects of cricket; batting, bowling and fielding. All three are assessed by the coaches.

At u.13 level the boys are also expected to reach certain “fitness” goals, however, if these goals are not reached, they can still be selected for a team, but fitness will then be a target area to be worked on.

Team selection is not final. If a boy is good enough to be promoted the necessary considerations will be made by the head coach of the age group and the coach of the respective team.



Mini-krieket word deur die o.7 – o.9-seuns (graad 1-3)  gespeel. Die o.9-leerders begin met hardebal oefeninge om sodoende die leerders voor te berei vir die o.11-ouderdomsgroep waar hulle begin met ‘n volledige 11-man hardebal krieketspel.

Daar is geen o.10-liga in Boland nie, daarom sal die o.10 en o.11-leerders in die o.11-liga speel.

Die o.12 en o.13-leerders speel in die o.13-liga.



While the fixtures on the term planner are the confirmed fixtures for the fourth term, we do have fixtures that can be added and\or removed in unforeseen circumstances. If fixtures do change, adequate notice will be given.



Vervoer sal beskikbaar wees vir wedstryde wat weg gespeel word. Ouers moet ‘n aanduiding gee op die vervoerbriefie of hul kinders van vervoer gebruik gaan maak al dan nie.



Krieket-Koördineerder: Danie van der Nest –


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